Driving growth and creating value through strategic investments

APEX Investment P.S.C is a diversified investment holding company, with investment across sectors including Commercial Catering, Facilities Management, Contracting and Auxiliary business, Investments, Tech and Big Data, among others.

With a core strategy to enhance shareholder value and achieve growth, APEX drives operational synergies and maximizes cost efficiencies across all verticals – it also continues to evaluate investment opportunities through direct ownership and entering partnerships in the UAE and abroad. As the world changes, and new opportunities arise, APEX remains focused on resilience, innovation and redefining the marketplace for itself, its clients, and its partners.


APEX Investment was listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange in early 2022 as part of the merger of RAK Cement. APEX has a rich history across the UAE through our Shareholders which dates to early 1990’s when Abu Dhabi was becoming a central hub for investment and development. Over the last 20 years in partnership with many of our sister Companies, APEX has become a recognized Service Provider to many of Abu Dhabi’s leading businesses, this became acute when APEX provided much of the support across the Emirate during Covid 19. APEX continues to accelerate its growth platform across three central pillars, Services, Infrastructure, and Corporate Investments.